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Triplog is a product range from Opus Group. 

The Opus Group is in the business of developing, producing and selling products and services within Automotive Test Equipment, Vehicle Inspection Systems and Fleet Management for the global market. The products include emission analyzers, diagnostic equipment, and automatic test lines. Services include management of mandatory vehicle inspection programs. The Group sells its products and services in more than 50 countries all over the world

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Triplog Pro

Triplog AlcoTrue

Triplog Alcolock

Save money, energy and take control over your driver's log! Triplog Pro helps you and your company as far as possible.

Tired of unreliable alcometer/ breathalyzers? Triplog AlcoTrue® gives you a fast and accurate test result.

Safety is an important part of transport quality. Make sure that you know that all the vehicles in your fleet are driven by sober drivers.  With the option to combine with Triplog Pro (without extra hardware) you get unique control!

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